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IAM Founder/Newsletter Editor: Judith Pennington
Design & Artwork: Oxana Bondarchuk
Judith Pennington
• Founder of the Institute for the Awakened Mind
• Certified Awakened Mind Practitioner and Practitioner Trainer
• Co-developer of the Mind Mirror 6 with Vilistus
• Author, singer

Judith Pennington is the founder of the Institute for the Awakened Mind and a certified Awakened Mind Practitioner and Practitioner Trainer. She assisted Anna Wise in her thrice-yearly seminars at Esalen Institute from 2006 until Anna's passing in 2010 and has since dedicated her life to the furtherance of the Awakened Mind and higher states of awareness.

Co-developer of the Mind Mirror 6 with Vilistus software engineer Steve Clark, Judith has won the TransTech 200 award for IAM for the past two years. This month she will travel to the conference to represent the Mind Mirror among the leading innovators and entrepreneurs in the health and wellness field.

She is particularly interested in gamma brainwaves and has shared her discoveries with the IAM community during webinars and in the User Manual and Practitioner Training Manual, as well as on the IAM website.

Of equally great interest to her is the field of research. She spearheaded IAM's current research partnerships with The Monroe Institute and iAwake, and seeks to expand these efforts. She promotes the Mind Mirror and Awakened Mind training in order to attract clients and students to this work as a means of supporting Awakened Mind Coaches and Practitioners throughout the world. As part of that effort, she has spent the past two years exploring the possibility of a frontal Awakened Mind pattern. She believes that if a frontal Awakened Mind pattern produces the same mind-expanding results as in the back of the head, the easy hookup on the forehead would bring the Mind Mirror 6 into global prominence.

A professional journalist, singer, and the author of two books, four meditation CDs, and two websites ( and published prior to IAM, she is the writer of the Mind Mirror 6 User Manual, the Awakened Mind Self-Training Guide, the IAM website, and the "Eureka Times" newsletter located on this website.

Oxana Bondarchuk
• Certified Awakened Mind Practitioner
• Moderator of IAM Online Events and Designer of Eureka Times Newsletter
• Gr. Dipl. In Psychology, Teacher of Psychology, Dipl. in Transpersonal Psychology
• Ex Business Trainer and Marketing Executive at international corporations.

Oxana was born in Moscow (USSR at that time) into a family of engineers. She studied English from the age of 7 and two other languages—Dutch and French—at the prestigious Russian Economic Academy. In 1998, she graduated with a Russian Diploma in Finance from the Russian Economic Academy and a Bachelor's Degree in International Marketing Management from the International Business School of Hanzehogeschool, Hoheschool van Groningen, the Netherlands.

Beginning in 1997, she worked for three international corporations in marketing, research, finance, public relations, and business training. In the midst of burnout and depression, she rose like a phoenix from the corporate world and turned her attention to what makes her soul sing: study of the brain and human consciousness. In 2004, she was graduated from Moscow's Institute of Psychoanalysis with a degree in Psychology and a second diploma in Transpersonal Psychology. Her final thesis on "Consciousness Transformation" and the work of Anna Wise ultimately led to her study and certification as an Awakened Mind Consciousness Trainer in June of 2017.

Oxana's interpersonal skills, coupled with her keen observation abilities and talent for data analysis, make her a rising star in this work. You have seen her aesthetically presented and highly organized (volunteer) work in creating this website, IAM's webinar program, and the "Eureka Times" newsletter. Join her now in these highly informative and insightful July programs, in which you will see her clever array of consciousness-raising tools and experience her compassionate and intuitive heart.

To learn more about Oxana:
Read the interview in the latest issue of Eureka times
Check webinars and interviews in IAM Video Gallery performed by Oxana
October 2018
(Issue #10)
Welcome to the latest issue of "Eureka Times,"
a newsletter published by the Institute for the Awakened Mind.
You will find in each edition information, group experiments,
and event announcements on meditation and consciousness expansion.
It's our intention that "Eureka Times"
awaken the reader's mind, lift the spirit, and stimulate transformation.

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